Posted by: innerfire | October 26, 2006

Whisper Target Macro

So… there isn’t a function to just whisper your target in-game, but there is a macro you can use to make that script. I defintely love this for Power Infusion, because it lets the warlock or mage I cast PI on know to start casting their best stuff. I didn’t make this one, but you can find it pretty much anywhere on the internet.

/run function wt(m) t=”target” if UnitExists(t) and UnitIsPlayer(t) and UnitIsFriend(“player”,t) then SendChatMessage(m,”WHISPER”,nil,UnitName(t)) end end SLASH_WT1=”/wt” SlashCmdList[“WT”]=wt

Make a macro with just that. “use” the macro when you log in, and from then on, you can use /wt to whisper your target before a cast in any other macros.

Unrelated news: Transition from Phase One to Phase Two on Nef is nearly flawless. Only one person (a rogue) died. Attempts continue today. I adore Deadboy and the Elephantmen – Stop, I’m Already Dead. It’s good stuff.


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