About the Writer/Player

I’m Telan, and I write. I’m majoring in computer sciences with no idea what I want to do from there. I have a corgi named Theo, a rescue cat named Molly, and an angora rabbit named Nathanial. I’m interested in infosec, programming, spinning and knitting, sustainability, and all forms of gaming.

I’m also Taletha, the level 70 Undead Priest on World of Warcraft. Thindol, the League of Legends Summoner and Spiral Knight. I’m MintAbsinthe on Xbox Live and Arntegio on Steam.

I have a strong tendency toward support/healer characters – if there’s a support class, I play it. I work hard and research heavily to master my characters, and in turn summarize what I learn for you. The name of this blog comes from an under-utilized priest ability in World of Warcraft that kept me alive and healing through a lot of Warlord-track PvP battlegrounds. This doesn’t mean I’m weak – I know my class and role well, and will happily show you why you shouldn’t underestimate me.

AVARICE Computer Specs:

CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+

RAM: Patriot 4GB

GPU: Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT

Hard Drive: 500GB Seagate

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Gaming Playlist – High energy happy hardcore, trance, electrofunk, dubstep, and whatever else I feel like. I have two others, but I use that one 80% of the time.

Nothing special, a quick throw-together when my old computer died a horrible death due to PSU failure. Upcoming is Vigrid, a full gaming rig.

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