Posted by: innerfire | November 2, 2006

The Priest’s Guide to Molten Core

EDIT: Added information about different types of gear for fights. Keep in mind, I’m a huge supporter of mana/5 sec rather than spirit, because I like to be regenerating even while casting. I am a Discipline priest afterall.

There’s a new priest named Ihi in my guild, who is brand new to the honorable profession of Heal Bait. He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do, or what the encounters were like, and I remembered all too well my first time ever going into Molten Core with a decent group, the Hobgoblins. So I spent the entire raid talking with him, encouraging him, and watching him closely to offer advice.

First I’ll start out with the basic WoW Raid Tips. Because most of it is common sense, although this sense isn’t as common as it should be.

And now, I will go through each and every encounter with you too. If it goes over well, I will do one for Blackwing Lair as well. Pictures are forthcoming, I just wanted to get this finished.

So, first up, trash mobs. Unless your priest leader or raid leader assigns you to decursing duty, you are healing. Just throw around renews, heals, etc as usual. If you’re decursing, this basically means whenever you fight a Core Hound or the fire elementals wandering around, you start spamming decursive. Don’t do anything else, unless it’s an absolute (see: tank is going to die) emergency. Your mana needs to be saved for getting nasty magic off people. Why? The fire elementals throw around a debuff that does damage and silences you, the core hounds mess with stats, etc.

Fire resistance isn’t really necessary in here, as long as you aren’t going up and hugging Geddon or something. Around 120 is nice for limited fights (again, like Geddon) but I never use it for that fight anyway. Just means you might explode more. But, for Ragnaros, every single piece of FR you’ve got (and then some) helps a lot throughout the fight. Now to the first boss.


Priests generally decurse this entire fight, and rarely worry about heals: druids and shaman (or paladins, whatever) should be taking care of the healing. If you’re heavy on priests, you may get decursing assignments. The debuffs are an 8s. tick that’ll deal a ton of damage, or mind control. There’s also a curse that mages and druids need to decurse, that increases mana cost of spells. That’s basically all you have to worry about. Stay to the back of the cave to avoid Luci’s curses, and just keep decursing/throwing emergency heals. Best healing gear for this fight.


The big puppy. If you don’t kill him, all the core hounds respawn. You’ll be running just barely in range of the tanks to keep them healed, then running back when he’s about to cast fear. Decurse the fears as you can, but otherwise heal. Very simple fight. Best healing gear for this fight; he spits out fire, but as long as you get out of it fast, you shouldn’t need fire resistance.


Avoid the rain of fire (it looks like the warlock spell) that’ll murder you in the face. This is a mage/druid decurse fight, which means you’re healing full time. Keep your tanks up, kill him in the face. Healing gear for the win, since you shouldn’t be getting hit at all.


Fun fight! Warriors and warlocks will tank/banish the smaller mobs, and you’ll kill them until there’s just the warlock ones left, kill Garr, then kill the small elementals. Your job is to keep all the tanks up and throw renews on voidwalkers to help the warlocks who’ll be using their voidwalkers to tank until they can cast banish. Don’t bother decursing except to get rid of Immolate, and don’t bother buffing beforehand. Garr will use a slowing debuff and eat all of your buffs. Just recast them later. Good healing gear, though mana regen (/5 sec) is good too because this is one of the longer fights (12-15 mintues, and we have it down, compared to 2 for Luci).
Baron Geddon

Giant puffball of flame. Another decurse fight for priests, and one I’ll actually need to explain in detail. You’ll arrange yourself at a distance from him, and melee/casters will run in, cast, and once he starts using Hellfire (like the warlock spell) they’ll run back out. During this time, you need to constantly decurse your group of a debuff that damages anyone with mana. Rogues, warriors are fine, but you must remove this as quickly as possible because it will kill you. Throw renews and bandage, but otherwise try and conserve mana.

People will also turn into Living Bombs. If this happens to someone in your group, they need to run away from the rest of the group and you need to shield them (or yourself) to help absorb the damage. If you don’t move away, when you explode, you’ll damage (and likely kill) your group. If the person doesn’t move away, then move yourself away from them. Fire Resist gear is needed in this fight, but don’t sacrifice too many stats for it. 100-120 should be enough to keep from taking too much damage from bombs.


Mages decurse for this fight, but you need to keep your party alive, despite Shazz teleporting into random groups. The one thing you will need to run up close to Shazzrah for is to Remove Magic on the Deaden Magic buff she’ll put on herself. If you don’t remove this, uh, she won’t take magic damage. That’s bad. Otherwise standard. About 50-70 arcane resist can really make a difference when she teleports into your group and spams Arcane Explosion. Also, to expand on this (*grin*) if Shazzrah comes into your group, the tank is going to have to run over and bring her back to the center. If you’re lucky, a warrior in your group will drag her back to the center and meet the MT. If you’re not, it helps if you move with your group toward the center, shortening the distance the MT has to run. Stop DPS/healing as much as you can while this is happening.

I’ve found that just 50 Arcane Resist is enough to cut the damage in half, and I figure 70-100 should negate it. Otherwise, good healing gear.

Sulfuron Harbringer

Decursing. And more decursing. Different groups do this differently, with priests assigned to the “dps group” that’ll draw Sulfuron’s companions back or to the tank group up front. AF does this by groups: you follow your tank, and if he brings back a priest, you decurse back with the main group, otherwise you stay up front. You MUST decurse as quickly as possible, because their Shadow Word: Pain and other DOTs damage hard and fast. Once you get the priests down, though, it’s just a dps/heal fight and you’ll be fine.

Make sure you use Prayer of Shadow Resistance, but don’t put too much of your gear into SR, you need the mana regen (for decursing constantly) more.
Golemagg the Incinerator

Slightly complex. You need to kill Golemagg first, then his dogs die. The only complexity is whether you’re assigned to the MT tanking Golemagg, or an OT tanking the core hounds he keeps as pets. Throw renews to the rogues if you can, they’ll love you. Good healing gear.

Majordomo Executus

Right hand of Ragnaros, this fight is (to me) harder than Ragnaros. You need to progressively kill each of his priests/elites before he gives in and gives up, so the priests get sheeped, you kill a few elites, kill priests, kill last elite, or whatever you like. You’ll be assigned to a warrior, but you also need to keep up everyone else in the raid, because the extra damage is necessary. Otherwise, just heal and conserve mana. It’s a long battle, but you won’t get to regen, so mana regen/5 sec gear is recomended.


Since I’ve only done him successfully with one group, I’ll explain it the way we do it. MT Healers are on the “healer wall” which is this curved spot just before the last stretch to Ragnaros, past the “dps wall” which is a longer wall. They run in, heal, and when he does his knockbacks, etc, run back to the wall. DPS healers stay around the dps wall. Use your dots (SW:P and Devouring Plague if you have it) and keep them on Ragnaros constantly. Keep up the people you’re assigned to, but try and conserve mana, you’ll need it for the Sons of Ragnaros.

After three minutes, Ragnaros will submerge and you’ll fight his sons. Everyone runs to the DPS wall, the sons follow, and healers move out away from the wall, so the tanks can tank and you don’t get hit. Keep mages/warlocks up, kill them fast, because he’ll come back up and you repeat what you did before. Try and get him down below 30-40% before his first submerge, so you can ensure you kill him before he summons more Sons.

Put on every piece of FR gear you’ve got for this. Seriously. Even that crappy wand you hate.



  1. “You need to kill Golemagg first, then his dogs.”

    Ah not true, dogs just need to be tanked a bit far from Golemagg and they die as soon as he is down.

    Otherwise nice points, except you made Shazzrah sound like just another fight, for me this is the hardest fight in MC and the least predictable. MY guild has MC on farm status and Shazzrah is the only boss that still gives us trouble ;)

  2. True, true. I’m more trying to show what priests do, and I have little to do with tanking except when I heal them. :D

  3. Very nice! I blame myself that although I’ve attended numerous Molten Core runs, I would be hard pressed to actually describe what each boss does…

  4. This is really good. Going to send this to all the priests in my new guild. Thanks!

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