Posted by: innerfire | October 16, 2006

Priest Mods! They’re everywhere!

EDITOR NOTE: This is being replaced with the new Priest Mods, The List. Please reference the updated mods there, as many of these are obsolete!

basic ui

*Arc Hud*
I hate the basic interface. It feels bulky and busy. With ArcHud, I can have bars around my character for spell casting, HP and Mana, pet’s stats, and enemy HP/Mana. I can also choose to show my party’s HP bars which are targettable, AND it’ll turn off all the other crap if I choose.

Advanced Trade Skill Window

Thank you so much to Solidstate for letting me know about this mod. It organizes everything, allows you to search (great for messy enchanting) and allows you to link, in detail, what is involved in making them.
An old school mod, this scans the auction house prices, gives you the averages so you know what the typical “going price” is, and lets you know what your competition is. Coupled with Shopping List, this helps me keep track of the many potions, essences, and supplies I need every day, as well as great deals so I can try and make some money. I’m poor. ;_;

*CT Mail Mod*
Mmm. Mass mailing and opening. Auto-deletes mail I don’t need. Good stuff.

*CT Raid Assist*
Generally required by most raiding guilds, however… I like these as replacements instead of CT RA, because they are lighter, offer most of the same options, and even some new options.

All the basic raid functions, but no raid frames or emergency monitor – those are included in the next mods. But if you’re not a healer, this is probably all you need.

Basic raid frames, except they also fade out when people are out of range for healing. <3

Emergency monitor that also tells you what heals are already going on them, making it easier to avoid doubling renews.

*Damage Meters (usually turned off)*
I only use this for my own reference, as I like to keep track of my overhealing. My mana is precious, especially since I’m not twinked out like Kayos (*wink*) so every bit of wasted mana is important to watch.

Ah, the highly controversial mod. I use it for mass-decursing because it allows me to set priority, but otherwise I use the CT Raid Assist version.

*FuBar:* BagFu, BattlegroundsFu, ClockFu, DurabilityFu, ExperienceFu, HeartFu, MoneyFu, PerformanceFu, ToFu
This set of mods is much like Titan, but has fewer memory leaks and more tweaks. A favorite of hardcore PvPers. Most are fairly self-explainatory, though HeartFu lets me hide and configure Heart, and ToFu gives me an ATI for long flights, so I know how long I have to bake cookies or whatever. Also, I HIGHLY recomend MailFu, because it’s nice for knowing how much mail exactly I have waiting for me.
Fizzwidget Mods:
I notice hunters with Feed-o-Matic, but I’m just going over the ones I personally use. Really, everything from Fizzwidget is brilliant stuff. Also, the only mod maker I know of who also RPs… as he makes them.

Tired of buying crap off the AH when you could just go to a vendor and get it? Want to know what faction you need to use that AQ and ZG junk? Welcome to the premise of AdSpace. It sets up an information bar on certain items, telling you where you can buy it (from vendors) and giving you information on AQ, ZG, and other items based on faction, etc. Also lets you know what trash items you can use for the Darkmoon Faire.

*Disenchant Predictor*
The same people who made Auctioneer made Enchantrix, a bulky mod that took percentage chance of what things would disenchant into. I don’t honestly care about a difference of .3067%. Disenchant Predictor is a very light mod that tells you what it’ll break into based on level and type. Very simple, very clean.

Like LootLink but don’t want to waste all that memory? Don’t want a bulky mod? Linkerator allows you to type in the name of any item you’ve ever seen for the world’s enjoyment. [Quel’Serrar] of doom.

*Reagent Cost*
Using data from Auctioneer, this mod calculates the base price in materials that it will cost to make things, as well as a % of how reliable that estimate is. (Because, honestly, I can’t remember the last time I saw nether essence on the AH.)

*Shopping List*
/sl add [link item]. When you’re done scanning the Auction House with Auctioneer, it gives you the best available price for whatever items you’re shopping for. This is -so- useful for me, as I constantly forget why I go to the AH!

The evolution of Genesis. I’m still testing this out, but it’s essentially a healing priority mod that works with CT’s emergency monitor. It also shows you who else is healing who, as long as they’ve also got Heart, in order to avoid cross-healing. Brings up a bar that lets you know, once your heal has finished, what % they’ll be overhealed so you have time to cancel it. I need folks to test this out with me!

*Infinite Ignore*
I don’t know how outdated this is, but I still love it. Unlimited ignore list, ignore cross-faction spam, ignore emotes.

*Item Rack*
The “new” wardrobe. I have so many sets of armor (healing, regen, PvP, shadow resist, fire resist, etc) that it becomes a real pain to go through my bags and find everything. I usually forget to put on trinkets…

Increases the number of macros you can have. I use this with Super Macro for some really amazing pieces of code.

I love minimalist. It hides the things I don’t want, gets rid of spam UI messages, auto-sells gray items, auto-turns in repetitive quests (can anyone say faction crap?) and has a host of other neat things. It’s also incredibly light.

I like seeing the exact % and numbers on a mob, as well as the loot history for when I’m farming.

Best. Warlock. Mod. Ever. Warlocks know why. Link is to a newer revision that deals with some of the bugs (especially with summons, gah).

A searchable “database” by character that allows me to see what is in any of my character’s bags or banks so that I know, when I’m off at ZG, whether I already have that tabard or trinket. So much love for Sanity.

The Necrosis for priests, with fold-out bubbles for rarely used spells and buffs, potions, water, makes sure you have the number of candles you need, etc. And it’s pretty.

*Spell Alert*
I like this better than most others of its type because it also shows me the emotes and “odd” abilities of mobs, like when the bats in ZG blow up…

*Super Macro*
255 characters is not enough for most really good macros to be complete and without those annoying error messages, so Super Macro extends it by 3000 characters or so.

Who whispered you earlier? Did you reply? What was the conversation? Tell Track handles all that and a bit more. A little buggy with the new patches (showing old conversations doesn’t always work right) but otherwise, I still love it for showing me who I’ve been talking to and whether I replied yet.

*Theory Craft*
Want to know your +crit without counting it all up by hand? Want to figure out your average heal? Your average fireball? What if you were in full Tier 3? That’s Theory Craft. Not recomended for casual or new players, as it takes some time to get used to.

*Trinket Menu*
hehehe. A nice little menu that allows me to switch out trinkets with a left or right click and cooldown notices. Re-equips automatically (if you choose) once the cooldown is done and you aren’t in combat.

Screenshots follow.


during raid



  1. Great post. A number of those mods I use, but a few are new to me.

    Have you read about BC ‘breaking’ a number of the mods you’ve listed? Particularly Heart and Decursive, basically anything that intellegently picks a target or spell for you. Should be interesting to see how people adapt to those changes.

  2. Yes, I have. Not too worried about the decursive thing, because CT Raid has a decursing option that doesn’t select them so much as allow you to “queue”. Heart is an interesting mod and being actively updated, so we’ll see. As with every mod “nerf”, people will find a way around it.

  3. Yeah, I use many of those mods as well.

    I would add that Cryolysis is the mage version of Serenity and Necrosis. If you happen to play a cloth wearer, then they are a very useful family of mods. Cryolysis really cleaned up my mage’s UI, and I installed Serenity for my noob priest.

    As far as Decursive goes, I don’t care that it is gone. If I have CTRaid to tell me who has been cursed, then I can handle the whack-a-mole. I’m sure some people are sad that they will have to stop watching TV during boss fights. :P

  4. LOL. You mean I’ll have to pull my gaze away from The Office and actually play??? Or, even worse, turn off the game???

  5. Thanks for putting up some priesting mods. I did away with a lot of mods after 1.11 and have been slowly getting sicker and sicker of the standard UI again.

    Whenever I see screenshots of you ‘professional’ priests, I wonder what those mods are onscreen, but you took care of that today. You the man.

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  8. has anyone see inner fire counter addon update for tbc

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