Posted by: innerfire | July 24, 2011

Intermediate League of Legends Tutorial

So, you’ve gotten the basics down, you don’t die too much, and maybe have a champion you enjoy. You’re able to strafe or harass an enemy without dying a horrible death immediately. You’re ready to start on more advanced tactics.

Overall Gameplay Tips:

I’ll be summarizing more succinctly things from this thread.

  1. Sleep well, eat well and regularly, and exercise. Without these you won’t be on your best game. I like to do 10 wall pushups and 25 situps, then grab a glass of water and granola bar before re-queueing, and I never feel stiff or stressed from long games.
  2. Build your reaction time, accuracy, and reflexes. Beatmania is another good game for this, or Audiosurf.
  3. Judge your battles and know when to run! Every death feeds the enemy team with gold and exp, and takes a player off the field. Know when you need to retreat to shop and regen, co-ordinate that with your teammates, and avoid death unless you’re taking at least 2 others with you. Don’t chase people into towers.
  4. Consider who you’re up against. know the abilities of other champions and how to avoid or counter them. Don’t start a fight you can’t win.
  5. Terrain Awareness – When you’re in a fight, keep an eye on the map – know where enemy champions are pushing hard, notify your teammates of missing (MIA) champions, don’t push a tower/gank if you don’t know where an enemy champion is, and be ready to support teammates if they need it. WARDS ARE AWESOME USE THEM.
  6. Recognize patterns. Champions and their players have patterns. The simplest to learn is if they’re coming in real close, they’re trying to gank you. If they’re giving a lot of space, they’re trying to bait you for a gank or ambush, or planning something. Don’t chase so far away from your team that you’re an easy kill. There’s more, but it comes from practice and reflexes.
  7. If the other team is trying to force a fight, it’s because they know they can kill you.
  8. Click all over that damn lane. Be random in how you move, so you’re harder to target. Make sure you’re effectively using your zone of control while keeping away from ganks – “Oh, you’re playing the clicking game” should be your mantra.


Shift + QWER – will cast an ability on the enemy/ally under your cursor, or for closest-person (Morgana’s snare)

Smartcast skill shots ( doesn’t require a target, like Ashe’s arrow) it will immediately be cast there.

Alt + QWER – will cast an ability on yourself.

Next is the all-important zoning. We all have zones of influence; in LoL knowing your zones and opponent’s zones is key to be able to harass, prevent kills, and otherwise control a field. Have a cute video.

Learning your personal zone of control should be the focus of your practice sessions, whether in custom games or vs. bots. Every champion has a different range for different abilities – from your auto-attack to your abilities, and knowing them allows you to harass or kill with safety. From there, make sure you’re periodically teaming up with teammates and against different bots to learn the zones for their abilities and how they work. I still have to explain to people that my Janna’s bubble also increases attack! Every week a new set of champions comes up for free play – play every one of them! You’ll learn their abilities and thus how to avoid them, discover new champions before buying, and how they fit into a team.

Learning Field Priorities:

That said, there’s a certain priority set you should have learned by now, but because it is very different from battles with the AIs, you might not have gotten yet. In order, you should be focusing on –

  1. Nexus – this wins the game. Everything should focus on destroying it.
  2. Inhibitors – You need at least one inhibitor down to start attacking the Nexus. Two is better, but don’t worry about it unless it’s happy coincidence. Three and there’s just no chance. It also buffs your minions, making them harder to kill and more annoying to your enemies. You can’t take an inhibitor until the towers are down.
  3. Baron – on the map, you might see a red skull. This is the Baron, and his buff/gold/exp is game changing. Both teams will be fighting for him – if you see missing players heading that way, they’re going for him. You can either last hit kill-steal or gank them while distracted. Try and take him for yourself – but take a team to fight him.
  4. Towers – pushes your minions closer to the nexus, and allows you to win. They’re also important for keeping yourself safe through good zone control. Stay near yours early on, but don’t rush off to save a near-dead tower, as you won’t get there in time and will just waste time.
  5. Dragon – kill it as early as possible to get ahead on exp and gold. Otherwise, same as Baron.
  6. Enemy Buffs – Blue Buff (Golem) for casters, Red Buff (Elder Lizard) are very useful, but will pass to the player that kills them. Common tactic is to kill all but one of their minions, so they can’t respawn and give the enemy team their buff.
  7. Pushing minions – Minions will push a lane and spawn different numbers each time. If there are 7+ on your team, they don’t need help. Fewer than this, and they do – clear out the enemy before they reach your tower. If there are no champions in your lane pushing the minions and there are few minions attacking, just let the tower handle them. A large wave can easily hold a tower’s attention for a long time, leaving the tower vulnerable to champions – take out the minions before it gets bad.
  8. Last-hit – always try to last hit. Establish what percentage of a minion’s HP you can take out in one hit, then hit the minion at the end of their life so you can get the exp. It’s important to know your champion’s auto-attack speed and damage to get the max last hits possible. Don’t waste more than AoEs on minions.


Finally, let’s quickly discuss ELO – this is your rank score in the game, and determines how you’re auto-matched with fellow players. If you die a lot, don’t get a lot of kills or assists, you’re going to have a low ELO. Top-tier players have ELO’s above 2k! You want a good ELO in order to keep facing challenges and not get stuck with crappy players – while you can learn what not to do from them, you can’t learn what TO do. You get out of ELO hell by setting up teams with better players – find friends and groups from sites you frequent. Reddit, Something Awful, and many large gaming groups all have teams. Watch videos and read guides to your favorite characters to learn how they work better, and how the pros play them. I personally like and League Craft, but you can use any site you wish.



  1. I have learned some really nice tips and tricks from this post. Thank you very much for learning newbies how to play it!

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