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Priest Mods for Raiders and Casuals


Without fail, my most popular post, maintaining views do this day has been the Priest Mods, They’re Everywhere post. A lot of the mods I loved most (Heart) were broken by the 2.0 LUA. However, this lovely modification to the code also brought a lot more customization to mods and ultimately was a benefit (if taking away our beloved ‘simplify the whack-a-mole’ mods). So I now present you with what I’ve been most commonly using complete with screenshots (more to be added later) and a mod pack available from Curse.

A brief resume: I did a lot of raiding pre-BC, and lately I’ve been doing Kara with some Tempest Keep mixed in. I’ve been priest lead and raid lead, and I’ve played a lot of priests and even a hunter and warlock. My favorite instance so far is Tempest Keep just for the pheonix boss, then Zul’Aman (I loved ZG in the day, as old readers will remember.) So I’ve got a lot of raiding experience, but I also firmly believe in real life > game.

Now onto the mods! The list does not include interface libraries like Ace and Babble. Wherever possible I gave a non-Curse website link, since Curse tends to die on Patch Days.


Ackis Recipe List – Ackis Recipe List was an accidental gem found while grabbing Ark Inventory. This mod searches all of your recipes, whether it’s Tailoring or Engineering, and finds what recipes you don’t have yet. It then folds out to tell you where that recipe can be found, whether it’s a vendor (with name and city) or trainer and what level the recipe can be learned at. Nice for not having to reference WoWHead every five minutes.

ACP – Addon Control Panel allows you to swap out what mods are turned on or off while you’re within the game, instead of having to log out and reload constantly. It even has custom “sets” that I’ve personally set up for Auction House, Raiding, and Soloing as needed, to deal with the often massive memory hogging of some mods (Auctioneer, Carbonite, etc)


ArkInventory – Another “all in one” inventory suite, this one has custom “bags” you can designate for tradeskills, food and water, junk items, etc. Really handy for organizing, and you can add “tags” to each item if you don’t agree with the one it comes with. I tend to forget where I put my quest items in the mess of my bags, so this has been a lifesaver. Has the same multiple character bags as Sanity did, but decidedly less buggy.

Auctioneer – Sure, you could go without it. But it’s nice to see what % of the average price an item costs, and the ability to search auctions and post new ones within seconds is invaluable and has been worth the extra RAM use. Just combine it with ACP and you’ll have no problems.

Bartender 3 – I’ve tested a lot of bar mods (believe me) and while Trinity was powerful, it was far too complex for my needs. I wanted something that would work, not require a lot of fiddling around, and be where I told it to. Bartender accomplishes this very well, and includes a custom “shifting” bar that’s really handy for Shadowpriests… I know I’ve been wishing for ages that they’d auto-shift the bar for Shadowform like druids get, so Bartender allows you to set it to change to another bar when you change forms.

BigWigs – Lower memory use version of the typical “boss alerts” mods. Updates pretty regularly, and I haven’t had any bug issues, which is more than I can say for other mods of this type. *cough*

*Carbonite – This is more a mod I use for leveling up, but it’s definitely an all-in-one package. If I could find a mod that gave the same Google Maps-esque scrolling and custom quest maps that Carbonite does, I’d be so happy. Until then, I turn on Carbonite

Cartographer – This map mod is made, frankly, useful with the full Cartographer Pack, providing maps of resources (ore, herbs, etc) making it much easier to level up skills and to a limited extent, alts with the Quest Info mods. It’s no Carbonite, but it will give you a rough idea of where to go. My preferred ones are marked with a star, the rest I feel are optional. Below is Cartographer Complete with comes with the full pack, or the link at the beginning of this is just plain Cartographer.

Cartographer Complete (I use Babble*, Cleanup, Data*, Fish* Herbs*, Mining*, Extract Gas*, Hotspot, Icons*, Import, Mailboxes*, Trainers*, Notes, Quest Info, Quest Objectives, Routes, Stats, Treasure*)

Clique – I resisted getting Clique for a while… click casting seemed redundant to me. Then I bound Dispel Magic and Abolish Disease to the middle and right mouse keys, and the world was made wonderful for decursing again.

CT Mail Mod – Oh how I missed you CT Mail Mod, and your wonderful “loot all mail” function. Seriously, it’s the sole reason I use it… such a time saver.

Diamond Threat Meter – You could use Omen. Or you can have a simpler, multi-enemy threat meter without having to switch modes every five seconds, without memory leaks or excessive memory hogging. Diamond has been a wonderful gift to me ever since I discovered it on the Ace forums. The big bonus is “independant threat computation. You have a fairly good idea of what one’s threat is even if one hasn’t DTM installed on one’s client.”

FuBar – This set of mods is much like Titan, but has fewer memory leaks and more tweaks. A favorite of hardcore PvPers. Most are fairly self-explainatory, with AuditorFu providing a detailed analysis of how much money I’ve been wasting, GarbageFu auto-selling gray items (with a customizable database), HeyFu alerting you to whispers, and RegenFu giving you your HP/Mana regen (so wonderful).

Fubar Pack (I use AuditorFu, ClockFu, DurabilityFu, FriendsFu, GarbageFu, GuildFu, HeyFu, HonorFu, MailFu, ItemBonusesFu, PerformanceFu, RegenFu, VolumeFu)

Auditor – A mod to be used in combination with FuBar, this powerful addon gives you a full Accountant’s analysis of your spending and earning, across characters and over a period of time until you clear the cache. Very handy to know how much, exactly, was spent on repair costs rather than a simple “out” and “in” gold tally.

Grid – Oh my, if you haven’t heard my praising of Grid yet, you’re sorely missing out. Grid is a raid interface that doesn’t take over your entire screen. Some healers I know prefer their raid bars to take over the screen, and Grid can be customized to do just that… but why? Grid comes complete with a lovely set of addon-addons including layouts, mana bars, etc. Everything has default class colors or you can change it up yourself. Amazing customization along with a small mod makes this my favorite of all raid interfaces.

Grid Module Downloads on Second Page: Alert, AutoFrameSize, DynamicLayout, Indicator Side Icons, Layout For Healers, Mana Bars, Status AFK, Status Healing Reduced, Status HoTs, Status Raid Debuff.

Pitbull – Raid frames. At first I was skeptical… they require more work than I’m normally willing to put into customizing a mod, and I was recluctant to switch from ag_Unit Frames. Then I saw that it gives you an estimated “heal” bar as you’re healing someone, giving you an idea of how much you’re going to heal them for (and whether you’ll be overhealing). That cinched it for me.

If you get a syntax error, install the Fundamental Pitbull UI Update and they’ll be fixed. Also, I highly suggest using Dog Tags. You can access them through /dogtag.

Quartz – Cast bar redone. My main use for this is the latency zone, which when combined with /stopcasting allows you to output more DPS and HPS than you could normally get. The latency zone is a red part on the casting bar which tells you where you’ve stopped casting but latency between you and the server means you’re still going through the motions. Takes some getting used to (my latency fluctuates more than a politician’s promises) but very effective.

oRA2 – I won’t even touch CT Raid with a ten foot pole anymore. This Ace mod is a full raid suite (minus raid frames; use Pitbull) and is compatible with all CTRA messages. Less RAM use, less buggy, enough said.

Orison (Serenity) – This is the Serenity revival. It’s like Necrosis and Cryolysis for priests.

Just for Looks:


cyCircled – Works with Bartender to make all the bars into bubbles. Not necessary at all, but makes my interface look nice. Comes with a view options and you can make your own or download more art packs.

Move Anything – The venerable Move Anything was briefly revived, and fortunately I got my things moved around to my satisfaction (the minimap being number one irritation) before the latest patch messed with it. Just use /move when you want to access the menu. Move Anything is self-explanatory, though there’s some new things it can’t seem to move.

Sunn Viewport Art – This is how you get that “viewport” look with the neat schemes and such. There’s also Art Packs you can download. There are other mods, including CTViewport (CT) and Aperture (Ace).

Simple Minimap – Declutters the minimap and offers some new options (like x, y coordinates). Use Move Anything to move it or it’ll reset when you reload, due to age and lack of updates. Otherwise works fine.

Tiny Tip – Simplifies the info tip you get when hovering over someone. I used it for a while, but didn’t see the point after a few months.



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