Posted by: innerfire | May 29, 2008

Priest Theorycrafting

I’ve been a long-time reader of Elitist Jerk’s forums on theorycrafting and class discussion. I find myself reading once more, this time to relearn my class in the post-BC world. For those ininitiated, Elitist Jerks are actually pretty cool and intelligent folks, so I want to share some (simplified) things I found particularly useful.

My Personal Build for 70

First Priest Build

Basic Healing

From Holy Raiding Compendium:

Q: What spec should I be as a holy priest?
A: First priest in the raid should (most of the time) go 23/38/0, with 2/2 Imp DS and then up the Holy tree as you see fit. Every subsequent priest should be 1x/4x/0, up Discipline to Meditation and Inner Focus, and up Holy to CoH, with extra points spent as you see fit. The only time this argument does not hold is if you are doing Sunwell content and only run 2 holy priests. In that case, it is almost (almost, not totally) impossible to do Felmyst without 2 CoH priests, so respec as needed. For farm-mode content, IDS first, then CoH.

Q: Is CoH worth it?
A: Depends on your level of content. If you’re in T4 content, short answer is no. If you’re in SSC/TK, it is situationally powerful. If you’re in BT/HS, yes. Absolutely. Additionally, if you are going deep Holy (for 5/5 Emp Healing), you might as well take CoH, as the only other thing you can get is regular Divine Spirit, which someone else in your raid should already have. If you are going into Sunwell, the entire instance appears to have been designed to showcase CoH, so exploit early, exploit often.

Q: Is Lightwell worth a talent point?
A: Not really. Take it if you want; you won’t lose anything extremely important.

Q: Should I take SoR?
A: Yes. Full stop. The 5% spirit is worth it if nothing else.

Q: Should I take inspiration?
A: Yes. There’s nothing else worth taking that is raid-centric at the 3rd tier of our holy tree, and it’s amazing for tank healing. If you choose not to take it, you should always attempt to *not* heal tanks, since you will be gimped compared to any other holy priest or resto shaman who *does* have the talent.

Gear Benchmarks
Q: What level of gear should I be at for <insert progression level here>?
A: To run Karazhan: 1400 +heal, 180 Mp5 *or* 400 spirit. Easily obtained through crafted pieces.
At the end of Karazhan: 1600 +heal, 275 Mp5

At the end of T4 content: 1700 +heal, 325 Mp5

At the end of T5 content: 2000 +heal, 400 Mp5.

At the end of T6 content (BT/HS): 2400 +heal, 450 Mp5.

Prayer of Mending: when Prayer of Mending procs (i.e. dmg taken, PoM charge gets used up), the threat from the healing done is attributed directly to the person being healed. This is incredibly useful for tank threat, as you can put PoM and a PW:S up on a tank just before the pull, and instantly refresh the PoM when the first charge is used up for an easy 2k+ threat for your tank. This is enough to land a 4k heal without pulling aggro: very useful for heroics where you have no salv and no CC.

Q: What rare gems do priests use?
A: [Royal Nightseye].
[Luminous Noble Topaz]
[Teardrop Living Ruby]
[Purified Shadow Pearl] replaces [Royal Nightseye] for those who like a little spirit in their life, since 4 spirit ~ 2 Mp5 I5SR

(note: do not use [Dazzling Talasite] — it’s a horrible gem)

Customizing Grid for Priests


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