Posted by: innerfire | May 20, 2008

Priest Macros

These are the /stopcasting macros I use with Grid and Quartz.

Heavy Bandages

/use [help,nomodifier:alt] Heavy Netherweave Bandage; [target=player] Heavy Netherweave Bandage

Binding Heal

/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Binding Heal


/cast [nopet] Shadowfiend

Flash Heal

/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Flash Heal

Greater Heal, Rank 1

/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Greater Heal(Rank 1)

Greater Heal, Rank 2

/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Greater Heal(Rank 2)

Greater Heal, Rank 7

/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Greater Heal

Renew (check for current renew before casting)

/script var = 0 for i=1,16 do if UnitBuff(“target”, i) then if string.find(UnitBuff(“target”, i), “Renew”) then var = 1 end end end if var == 0 then CastSpellByName(“Renew”) end

Power Word: Shield

/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Power Word: Shield

That said, I’m putting the last squeaky touches on the Inner Fire compliation. The full Mods for Priests post will come with a link to it. I’m just debating a final map mod (I love the Google Maps-esque Carbonite, but it’s way too RAM heavy so I’m looking at Cartographer Complete.) Current RAM use outside of raids is about 25-29mb, and in raids is 4mb.


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