Posted by: innerfire | April 26, 2008

Interface v. 0.5

Current interface after some tweaks… call it the Beta version. That’s me in a really bad group. >>; Grid sits in the bottom right corner when I’m in a raid.


I use Fubar because it has less ram use, same with TellTrack vs. WIM. I average 31mb mods use without Auctioneer (most of the time) and 41-45 with Auctioneer running… I wish I didn’t like it so much. >< There’s a lot of mods that aren’t really necessary, but I have a very poor memory recall and use mods to make up for it. I’m considering making a Compliation if you folks are interested in one, with notes for what is actually necessary versus stuff I keep for myself.

ArkInventory (bag organization mod)
Ackis Recipe List (lists recipes you don’t have for any tradeskill, where to find them)
ag_Unitframes (less… huge than Pitbull)
Addon Control Panel (so i don’t have to log out to turn on/off any mod)
BigWigs (replaced DBM due to it being a memory hog)
Clique (bind spells/abilities to mouse clicks, I have Disease and Magic removal set)
CyCircled (customizes the bar buttons)
Fishing Buddy
FuBar – Ammo, Bag, Battleground, Clock, Durability, Group, Hey, Honor, ItemBonuses, Location, Mail, Money, Performance, Regen, TopScore, Trainer (rather high ram use so it’s disabled on Tally), Volume.
Grid – Alert, Dynamic Layout, SideIcons, Layout for Healers, Mana Bars, StatusAFK, Healing Reduced, HOTs, Raid Debuff.
Minimalist (general functions in a light mod)
Move Anything
My Roleplay (WAY lighter than FlagRSP)
Omen (threat)
Outfitter (will replace soon)
Quartz (If you are a caster, get this. Period. It’s awesome. It shows you a red bar with your latency, to show where your spell -actually- has ended but you don’t notice… use it + /stopcasting and you’ll max out your DPS/HPS)
Orison (Serenity revival)
SunnArt (how I got the black art background down there)
TellTrack (sort of the beta to WIM, lightweight)


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