Posted by: innerfire | April 11, 2008

This is a Title

Well, let me tell you… relearning the game is definitely an interesting enterprise. I haven’t really gotten to explore the new 60-70 instances as much as I’d like, since most of my friends (both old and new) are 70 and not particularly interested in lower level instances except on Heroic… and my little level 65 self isn’t quite badass enough for all that.

I’m working on a mod complialation to host for folks, since apparently I find good stuff, but for now I’ll just run down the list of what I’ve finally settle on through trial and error, along with a pretty screenshot.


Right now I’m working with Bartender and Serenity to clean up the interface, but I’m looking at the Ultimate Rogue UI and scavenging parts I like. While Minimalist is, generally, a very nice mod and very lightweight, I’m probably gonna replace it with the good old Sell-o-Matic to get customizability. Maybe I’ll make two packs, one light-weight and barebones, the other fancy? Hmmm.

And a blargh-list, with * denoting I’m still testing it, the rest I like and thus have kept:

!StopTheSpam, !Swatter, ArcHud2, Atlas, Auctioneer, Bartender 3, Carbonite, Cryolysis2 (mage), Deadly Boss Mods, EquipCompare, FuBar, FlagRSP2, Fishing Buddy*, GFW Disenchant Predictor, GFW Feed-o-Matic, GFW Hunter’s Helper, GFW Linkerator, GFW Reagent Cost, Grid, BuffBar*, Minimalist, MoveAnything, Omen, Outfitter*, Recount, Sell-o-Matic*, Orison/Serenity (priest), simpleMinimap*, TellTrack, TinyTip, WatchCombat.

That’s about all kids. I’m a shadow priest right now, though a bit wimpy (at least they added +spell damage to my gear) being in mostly healing priest gear. At least it makes the few instance runs I go on lately run smoothly… I am still proud of being one of the best (formerly anyhow).



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