Posted by: innerfire | March 25, 2008

Brief mods update.

I got a few more (who can resist?) and have some updates on the ones I’ve been working with. I’m really a minimalist when it comes to interface, preferring as clean and simple as possible, so keep that in mind. I like to see all the beautiful artwork and not be inundated with information constantly. Give me some color-coded bars for HP and maybe some pop-up alerts and I’m good. I’ve also cherry-picked from a user-interface set called Madskheals UI. The regular one was too heavy for me, but I like the things I’ve taken, like Minimalist.

  • Atlas v. 1.10.3 – Not much really to say. I was always an Atlas fan over the many other Dungeon Map packs.
  • Arc-Hud2 – As always, I recommend this mod to anyone looking to simplify their interface. This version has dealt with many of the bugs of the past and I have found no problems.
  • Necrosis v. 2.6.3 Beta – No real need with the new integrated stuff like shard tracking, etc. I will always love it for spawning Serenity though.
  • Auctioneer v. 5.0 – I really don’t like it… Terribly heavy. Looking into the barebones.
  • Orison v 0.08 – Serenity replacement: Like it so far, wondering why four buttons are ? Same things you love – candle tracking and automatic filling, potions at a left/right click, expandable buff menu, etc.
  • Tell Track – Oh happy days it works completely again…
  • Outfitter 4.1 – Decent enough. I like the many sets of automatic changes, and it’s easily updated for each outfit.
  • Auto-Profit 4.5 – Works as expected.
  • Auction Filter Plus – Doesn’t work.
  • Carbonite Quest – This has been incredibly useful for both my fiance (starting a new character) and myself (leveling in Outlands)
  • !Swatter – Debugging tool for handling and displaying of error messages in a useful way, and it’s nice to have data on what exactly failed in a mod.
  • Deadly Boss Mods – The revival of La Vendetta, which I heralded the release of. I was so glad to be rid of CT Boss Mods. Haven’t worked with these yet, still leveling in Outland. I might be this Sunday though, since I got an invite to an RP-only Naxxramas run.
  • Stop the Spam – So far it partly works… there’s still a lot of UI loading it hasn’t dealt with.
  • Minimalist – Ah, my beloved companion for three years now, revived and bug-free. Extremely lightweight and removes/automates so much. It comes with an Auto-Profit-esque option which I’m considering enabling and dumping Auto-Profit to streamline a bit.
  • Arena Live Frames – testing
  • ACP – testing
  • Hitsmode – testing
  • Decursive 2.1.0beta – testing
  • Cryolysis2 – testing later today
  • Picking Skill Revised v. 2.1 – testing
  • Omen – testing
  • FuBar – testing
  • eCastingBar – testing
  • eePanels – testing
  • ShadowOff – testing
  • TinyTip + Extras – testing
  • Trinity + Extras – testing

Some suggested mods for Shadow Priests:

  • I so far really like the Shadow UI for Shadow Priests. It’s a good mix, though as always customize it to your tastes, and fulfills my desire for a clear interface. I’ve been looking through the pack and it’s really interesting. It comes with a complete list of addons, details on installation, shortcuts and details on the addons, all of which earned it bonus points with me. I still think XPerl is ugly though.


  1. A few comments ..
    Deadly Boss Mods – is good. Use it over BigWigs on balance.
    Omen2 – updates LITERALLY 3 or 4 times a day. At least now has inbuilt function that can tell you if anyone in your group or raid has a version that isn’t compatible with yours. New settings don’t really work, but the single threat tracking (what the original Omen did) is still brilliant. Noone uses KPM that I know anymore so can’t test that crossover since 2.4.
    Clique – get Clique.

    • *hug* Trying to find out if you’re okay. Let me know.

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