Posted by: innerfire | March 19, 2008


In anticipation of my newly re-enabled account, I’ve gone back to my old love… addons. I’m going back through my old favorites and testing new ones. And, by the way, if you need a tester for your mod, I’m completely open to testing it for you, provided it is either general use or designed for: Priests, warlocks, mages, and druids. Given time I may also do testing for warrior mods.

Currently testing and re-downloading:

  • Atlas v. 1.10.3
  • Arc-Hud2
  • Necrosis v. 2.6.3 Beta (No real need with the new integrated stuff)
  • Auctioneer v. 5.0 (seems really bulky so far…)
  • Picking Skill Revised v. 2.1
  • Omen
  • Orison v 0.08 (Serenity replacement)
  • Tell Track
  • Outfitter 4.1
  • Auto-Profit 4.5
  • Decursive 2.1.0beta
  • Cryolysis2
  • Auction Filter Plus
  • Carbonite Quest


  1. My personal favorites:

    Deadly Boss Mod
    Trinity Bars

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