Posted by: innerfire | March 8, 2008

The Return

So, I’m making my return to MMOs. Right now I’m just playing some webgames – namely, Travian. But boredom from my current job means I’m going to probably return to Warcraft soon. (Cheers to the crowd) I’ve got 8-10 hours on my hands, and nothing to relentlessly consume it. Now, unfortunately, it seems my account is blocked until I send them a money order for $30, due to some credit card fiasco, but once that’s done I’ll be returning. I’ll also probably have some nice shots of City of Heroes for you, and I have dozens of resources for D&D, White Wolf, and platform gaming available.

So, I’m not quite dead yet, and due to the requests of readers, I’ll be returning to WoW. Hurray, it can consume my life again. *grin*



  1. I kept your RSS feed up … i too was away from the game for some time.

    Tis good to see you back. I’ll look forward to seeing your posts again … they were the kind I always found fun and insightful.


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