Posted by: innerfire | June 12, 2007


Back to gaming.

There are a couple of games I’m focusing on right now, most notably the Changeling LARP I run based in the 1920’s. I’m also taking on a Ravenloft campaign as DM, and looking for new console games to play as… I have been bored. CoH lost my interest after a short time.

I really like the look of Odin Sphere.

I also want Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (of course!), and now… Overlord. Because there’s something awesome about being an evil overlord, dealing with stupid heroes and dominating the world using moronic goblins.

Choose between evil and… really evil. I like the idea of ruling over idiotic minions and destroying a twisted fantasy world. I’m really excited about the game, and I’ll likely grab it the day it comes out. My boyfriend is thrilled about the idea (he styles himself a Chaotic Evil fellow) but if he tries to steal my copy, there’ll be a smackdown in this house. And he’ll need ice.


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