Posted by: innerfire | May 30, 2007

Return from Potrero

Potrero War 005

Lord Milan

And lo, the nerd returns from Potrero War, mostly intact, slightly inebriated (I discovered my tolerance is so high, I am clearly the descendant of Irish-Scottish-German-Norwegian fishermen and vikings, as my father has told me time and again) but otherwise fine. I came back with spoils of war (a bodice, rabbit furs for a blanket I will make, and rattan for swords), tons of instructions and pictures from Lord Knight Milan (thank you!) who showed the Inept Engineers how to fight, as well as giving detailed instructions on how to start our own blacksmithing operation to put together armor.

(Lots of video and pictures below the cut.)

Potrero War 018

We also discovered Spoon Armor, which is agreed by my boyfriend and I to be “totally awesome”. All the fighters we relentlessly bothered for advice on armor, fighting, etc, were extremely helpful, each offering their own advice and how they made/bought/acquired their armor, which is as diverse as the people themselves. We saw everything from the aforementioned Spoon Armor (scale mail made with spoons that the wearer promised gave the best protection he’d ever known), to full aluminum street sign armor (complete with an old army helm modified with more street signs to meet SCA requirements), etc. And I took pictures. And video. I love my camera.

Potrero War 010

Lord Milan with Seamus showing maneuvers

To summarize, a War is basically an SCA camping event. Depending on who you camp with, it can be a total immersion (tents are all period, no one discusses cars, electronics, etc) or very light (regular camping tents, discussing whatever, etc). Inept Engineers are what I’d call medium-light, in that we all have regular camping tents (due to financial concerns) but try and stay “in character” as much as possible… though sometimes it’s nice to just relax by a camp fire with a bunch of other nerds.

Lord Knight (both a lord and a knight, yo!) Milan spent hours just showing us how to fight, because the Inept Engineers are interested in starting a unit. We’ve got about 6 people and will likely join his 30th Legion unit as a shield-skirmish unit. It’s pretty awesome. He also had some really wonderful meads to try and we later took a class from Master Brewer Donal on meads and tasting, which was delicious.

Potrero War 019

I volunteered a bit (by basically being dragged in to help as a porter, then being left there for a few hours when I thought I’d just be helping for a few minutes), failed to win a tankard for my boyfriend, and attended the Bardic Competitions. The Whiskey Bards are lovely.

And, finally, a video of Lord Milan showing us a basic shield maneuver. My boyfriend is the fellow on the left in the kilt! :D

Plus a video of the actual fighting taken by the Orkney Warband.

AND this is a great video that shows, overall, how a lot of the field and tourney fights are.


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