Posted by: innerfire | May 23, 2007

Potrero War

Sandy Draper and Sir Indy

So, tommorow I begin my journey to the Potrero War in Southern California (otherwise known as the southern barony of Calafia) run by the SCA. Basically, I go and be a complete nerd dressed up in garb and pretend to be from the early middle ages to mid-renaissance. I just recently bought my dress, and all the preparations for War have cost over $300 easily, as we didn’t already have camping supplies and had to get tents, lanterns, etc. I’m going as Fiona, but I haven’t decided on a last name, and my boyfriend will be Liam MacDougal (his actual Scottish clan as well as the both of us playing on Changeling Houses).

I’m working on becoming a female Heavy fighter (ie; in full armor with big sticks beating people up) but as we didn’t have the $200 for the bare minimum (having just paid over $300 on camping crap) we’re waiting on the armor and shields. I’ve done a ton of research on how to make your own, though, and fully intend to go buy some old street signs for use as armor.

(I think the red-head on the left is cute…)

So, ’cause I’m a nerd, and this is my first year, here are some pictures along with links for making your own garb and armor without any prior knowledge (except maybe hand-eye coordination).

Potrero War

The DIY Guide to LARP

Women in Armor

The Bladeturner Armory : Patterns


The Perfect Armor: Water-hardened Leather (PDF)

Evaine’s Armour

The Half-Circle Cloak via Sword Maiden

A Guide to Bartholomew’s SCA Armor (mm carpet armor)

Making a Gambeson

Scenes from Potrero




  1. Hey are those things really fun to go to? I meen I have wanted to go but do you really get to wail on people and have a great time?

    • No you don’t have to fight to have a good time, there are plenty of other events going on. Fighting is a part of the group but not the only part of it, classes, plenty of food, good people, conversations, classes, concerts, competitions and a lot more going on. This is pretty much like a big party.

  2. They are pretty fun. To actually fight, you have to get armor (about $150 for starter gear) and take some training classes until you’re certified as a fighter. But you do actually get to wail on people with rattan sticks wrapped in duct tape and electrical tape. The armor makes a big difference in how much it hurts to get hit.

    They do different tactical battles – bridge fights, castle sieges, and field battles. But it’s free to be a spectator until you can fight – and there’s lots of events (make period shoes, food, mead, etc) (plus partying at night) to keep you busy.

  3. where can you buy armor?

    • check out armor archive
      and their vendors

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