Posted by: innerfire | December 4, 2006

Quotable Katenel

Haven’t played in a few days (enjoying my ramen and turkey sandwiches). I’m bored, but I have noticed I’ve actually had time to do things I missed, like drawing and writing. My friend Draqulen (warlock) said he wanted to make comics out of all the weird things I say when I’m on a raid and really bored. So, here are some quotables from the last Molten Core run I did with the guild. We went off in another channel of Vent to talk with some other friends, because we’d all done MC enough times we know it by heart now.

  • “Screw you, I’m not healing, have some bandages.”
  • “My goal in every one of these raids is to get into the top 10 of healing meters, despite healer ADD which leads me to finding the new Heroes episode more interesting than this crap.”
  • “Where the fuck is my group? Group 1 is here. Oh fuck this, they’re doing another half-hour long explaination. I’m getting a drink. Draq, you decurse.”
  • “Oh, thanks for letting me die, noob. You can decurse my group now.” <<;
  • “Why did you die? You took two fucking 9k crits. I’m not God, quit bitching about healers.”
  • “I’m taking that piece just so I stop being mismatched… It’s awkward being half-Lorekeeper, half-whore. But at least I’m not a girl in plate.”

I’m updating the Great Mods post with a note about the new LUA and 2.0 compatable mods above the old ones. I can’t play and test them out, so I’m just going with ones I’ve already tested.

You need to practice decursing the way our classes were meant to. Supposedly this Decursive is compatable with Burning Crusade, but I can’t verify this.

I know a lot of people like my information on the new Tier sets, Macros and Mods, as well as information for healers and priests. If you like the content on this website, please consider donating using the Paypal button on the right. Without donations, I can’t afford to pay for Warcraft. $15 is two gallons of milk, a huge box of instant ramen, fresh apples and carrots, three loaves of bread, and a pound of chicken for me. Thanks for your support, I really truly appreciate it, and I offer sketches/custom Inner Fire updates/etc to those who donate.



  1. The guy who took 2 9k crits .. if he died, he wasn’t a damn demonology ‘lock :/

  2. Haha, Good times :)

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