Posted by: innerfire | November 16, 2006

Bye Bye, Decursive.

Follow-up on 2.0 and the New LUA, this time dealing specifically with macros and addons that will be, essentially, shut down (ie; Heart, Emergency Monitors (CT Raid) and Squishy, Decursive).

Exerpts from : The Addon/Macro Lockdown and You

Macros and add-ons will still be able to use abilities or target someone, but they will not be able to make a decision about what ability is used, what rank of spell to use, who it is used on, or who you target. You will always be required to specify, whether by pressing a specific key or clicking a specific button, exactly what you want to happen.

Thus, any mods that help choose spell ranks based on hp missing HP, etc, will not work.

Any part of the visual interface that uses an ability or changes your target will not be able to move, appear, or disappear while you are in combat. This prevents add-ons from conditionally moving certain buttons under your cursor, for example. … An add-on can highlight raid members’ frames depending on if they have a debuff you can remove, or if they’re badly hurt, or they want you to cast a certain spell on them, and so on.

This is the likely solution to the next problem…

It will be possible to create a prioritized list of raid members (like the Emergency Monitor of CT_RaidAssist), but the list will not be directly interactive; you won’t be able to click on a name and target/cast a spell on that player.

IE; You can’t click on the Emergency Monitor bars, but they will show you who is missing the most HP. The solution is most likely to be highlighting or marking the raid frames in order to show who is the lowest. Unfortunately, that smacks directly of whack-a-mole. Oh well.

Thoughts on this? I’m not terribly happy myself, but I have been healing the “old fashioned way” for ages… we’re simply going to become more dependent on healers, I think, and simply begin specializing them based on groups (ex; priest 1 in group 1 heals that group; at a boss fight, priests 1-6 heal the MT, shaman/druids heal based on their group, etc etc)

Also, WordPress is sucking right now. It keeps moving the cursor back a space, so I can’t type as quicky.l


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