Posted by: innerfire | November 4, 2006

Crafting Guides

Plans are underway for my blood elf mage, Araqiel, and he’ll be an alchemist. I’m also working on an undead warlock named Voletta, and trying to master enchanting, tailoring, cooking, and fishing for Katenel. So, obviously, I’m going to start looking around at guides. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

El’s Guide to Extreme Anglin’

Fishing/Cooking to 300 Guide

Enchanting 1-300

Engineering 1-300

Alchemy 1-300

Tailoring 1-300

Forums: Profession 1-300 Guides

Jewelcrafting 1-300+


I also found a mod called Master Trade Skills while looking at the newest mod releases for the month (because, as some of my readers know, I like to test out any new or interesting mods that might be useful to me). I’m working on mastering my various crafts, and it’d help to not be going back and forth to Thottbot trying to find where the recipes I need are. Now if I can just find something to organize the Enchanting window, I’ll be happy as a clam.

While I’m supporting mods, go get the La Vendetta Boss Mods. I’m really enjoying it -much- more than CT boss mods, although it occasionally says “combat ended after ten seconds” and I can’t see the boss’ bar. It recently updated with 1.9.1 so I’ll see if that’s fixed.
Action shot of Vendetta:

Now, question for all of you… after all my posting on mods, etc, would anyone be interested in having me make a UI package? You’d still be able to detach things, but I can just zip my Addons folder and host it on Curse Gaming for folks to download.



  1. Hi,
    Regarding a better enchanting window, you might find ATSW to your liking:

    Actually it works for all your skill/profession windows (cooking, tailoring, etc.)

    Enjoy :)
    Thunderhorn (EU PvE server)

  2. Hmmm…. if this works, you’ll be my hero. I’m so tired of digging through just to find bloody shield enchants.

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