Posted by: innerfire | October 10, 2006

Day in the Life of a Warcraft Priest

First off, I want to highlight this post. Because it summarizes nicely why many priests burn out very quickly. I had RP on Cenarion Circle to keep me around, but drama drove me away, and here I am on Kirin Tor in a huge raiding guild. I have the feeling, though, that I will burn out very quickly because it seems less that I am cared for and more that I am just another priest. No one wants to join a party just because they need that class you play. The best groups are those where people want you to join because they like -you-.

So, I’ve actually had people curious about what I do day-to-day in Warcraft. (Scary, isn’t it?) First off, I want to highlight a new mod I discovered upon returning, called Serenity. It works like the warlock’s Necrosis, complete with candle buying, multi-use buttons, mana trackers, randomized speeches, etc. I just adore things that allow me to clean up my interface. It’s messy enough with CT raid, Arc Hud (those circle HP/Mana bars around your character), Threat Meter (required by my guild, not that I ever need it…), Damage Meters (been tracking my healing/overhealing), and the bajillion bars I have for all my spells, food, equipment (managed through a mod like Wardrobe, which is okay…), etc.

So, uhh… there’s the basics. I use a lot of other mods, but those are sort of the crucial, everyday ones.

I log in, and begin on Katenel. When I transferred to Kirin Tor, I had to change my name. Considering the vague background of the name Vigrid, I was pretty surprised the name was taken. I usually say hello to people, make sure to be cheerful and silly (my guild could use a dose of silly, epecially in the too-serious raids) and try to finish one or two quests before I start the day’s raid.

Prep checks must be done as well, but fortunately FuBar and Serenity do most of that automatically for me (repairs and supply buying). Check the AH for potions, maybe bug my warlock or priest friends if I can’t find any decently priced, and away I go to the raid of the day. Do my Auctioneer scan of the day, and run off to BWL, MC, or AQ-20/ZG depending on the mood.

From there it’s basically healer whack-a-mole. Ventrilo bores the hell out of me, because everyone is so utterly serious (even in MC, where they know how every encounter goes!) and their voices are rather monotone. It’d be so much more interesting when they explained a boss fight if they could do it with more emphasis and emotion. Complaints aside. I spend a lot of my time healing and holding conversations through whispers. Since I haven’t got the gear that most of my guildmates do, I’m generally around 6 or 7th on healing meters, but I hold the lowest overheal for healing done. I rarely run out of mana, because I know what the hell I’m doing.

It’s kind of funny, because like most level 60 priests I get distracted easily. Even with all the distractions, it isn’t hard to hold 7th place for healing. While we travelled back through trash mobs to Ragnaros, I was watching Doctor Who. >>; I try not to do that in the places it matters though, and certainly never on bosses.

Once the raid is done (although irritated I was passed up for two prophecy bracers) we usually do ZG or AQ-20. I like AQ much better, except for the Jin’do fight in ZG. I mean, I’ve cleared through ZG so many times with Hobgoblins. It’s just boring now. AQ-20, though, is still very new to me, and I’ve gotten the furthest I’ve ever been with my guild.

I do miss RP though, and I may try to find the RP crowd on Kirin Tor. It’d certainly give me people to talk to.



  1. It erased my less than three ;_;

  2. Welcome to Kirin Tor. It’s not a bad little home.

  3. Nice priestly insights. How does Serenity compare to ClickHeal?

    I can get bored with using it, too. You really only need to pay attention to healing when someone is really taking a beating and gets below 60%. Even if they are at 50% and just tanking one mob, it’s no biggie. I relaxed in RFK to the point that I got the tank down to 5% by accident when he got aggro on 3 bats at one time. The Shaman and I healed at the same time and he was back at 100%. LOL

  4. Serenity is more like Necrosis. It lets you choose out buffs, buy candles, watch your mana, but no casting. If you wanted a healing mod, try Heart… it’s pretty cheesy, once you get it all set up… chooses who to heal based on the heal you choose. It’s boring, but I use it when I’m distracted by babysitting or talking to people.

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