Posted by: innerfire | October 6, 2006

Back to Basics

So, perhaps it’s odd to say that, now I have more time and therefore have gotten back into Warcraft. This is mostly due to a friend of mine that I’m enjoying showing off my knowledge to. Although, showing off just tends to make me realize how bad it is that I can memorize auction items and not my Japanese homework.

I’m very impressed with the Neverwinter 2 information that’s been released. I like that you can turn sheep into pigs. GameStop has slated it for the 31st of October. There are enough great RPGs coming out for the PS3 (White Knight Story) to almost make me want to shell out $500, but I think I’ll wait for the first price decrease. Wii looks interesting.

Did MC all the way through with my new guild, Anomaly Faction. I haven’t decided whether or not I like them. They seem like decent people and they’re certainly good at what they do, but many of the boys are obnoxious and rude. This comes with gamer guys, I understand, but it ends up excessive a majority of the time. Making friends with the warlocks. I tend to favor warlocks over mages, so they usually get all my Power Infusions.

Priests are bad people to piss off, and good people to suck up to. We do show favoritism when we wait to revive you last of all, refuse to PI you, forget to heal… *grin* But I’ve noticed a definite lack of communication between priests in the guild. About the only time they speak to each other is about loot. Makes it hard to keep from overhealing massive amounts. I spent a majority of my time cancelling my heals as the billion other healers took care of the person I was going to heal.



  1. Priests are bad people to piss off, and good people to suck up to.

    I agree. I’ve been in Deadmines with Priestr when someone is telling me how to heal. That person is the only person (outside of the runs with really stupid people that die on the ship by aggroing everyone on the ramps) to have ever died in Deadmines under my watch. Just don’t piss us off and we’ll keep you alive. Otherwise you are looking at a repair bill and getting bumped down the list in Damage Meters.

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