Posted by: innerfire | August 17, 2006

Little-Known Games (that rocked)

I’m staying up all day to fix my horrendously warped-by-gaming schedule. I found myself going “Hey, I’ll go to bed early today!” after drawing all night… only to find the sun rising and that I was even later going to sleep than usual.

So I’m going to feature games (most) people these days have never freaking heard of, but rocked out.

  1. Valkyrie Profile (PSX) (RPG where you play a Valkyrie harvesting the souls of heroes to help fight in Ragnarok)
  2. King of Fighters (NeoGeo, PSX) (Used to play this with friends; it had some really neat gameplay and cool (for the time) graphics)
  3. Samurai Showdown III (NeoGeo, PSX -> 5 is coming out on Xbox) (Original characters and original ‘plots’, with some innovative special moves that were later copied off of)
  4. Armored Core (PSX) (The original ‘Mech Warrior’ so to say)
  5. Thousand Arms (PSX) (One of the first RPGs to offer a “choice” in your heroine… you actually got to court them!)
  6. Bahamut Lagoon (Super Famicon) (A strategy RPG that really never got to see the light of day officially in the US)
  7. Ogre Battle (many people have probably heard of this, but not played it) (PSX)
  8. Power Stone (Dreamcast)
  9. Jet Set Radio (Dreamcast) (One of the coolest original ‘skate’ games ever)
  10. Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast, the original that was actually semi-innocent)
  11. Alundra (PSX; the sequel sucked, but if you enjoy difficult puzzles a lot, you’ll like the first game)
  12. Ehrgeiz (Freakin’ weird fighter game… PSX)

For your fun, I present to you the Killer List of Videogames. Enjoy.


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