Posted by: innerfire | July 30, 2006

RP resources

There were actually so many I decided to make a whole post just for them. Here you go. Some of the links may be outdated, just a warning. Language resources, naming, generators, tests, history and lore… etc.

Long post ahead.
Was looking up things on the Lion clan, and found that. It’s a bibliography on samurai.
Generators for both serious and parody work.
The actual Book of Five Rings, which I assume this setting is based on.
Good tips for Players and DMs alike. For example:
Improvisation techniques for DMs.
If we ever play Forgotten Realms, this page has some really incredible stuff on Silverymoon.
The Brittish-American Dictionary.
House Maerdyn’s Drow-English Translator

English To Elvish: (Most are based on Tolkien. Woo.) (phrases) (transcribing + jpgs!) (Quenya)
Japanese to English. If you want the romaji (romanized form of the words) then choose this link instead:
Where I’ve set it up so it’ll output romaji for you folks. Keep in mind, that it isn’t always a direct translation.
A place that does Caligraphy, but very useful if you want to translate your name into Japanese, and so forth. Translates (usually) based on meaning.
Latin-English Dictionary
Welsh-English Dictionary
Encyclopedia Mythica
Good old Celtic songs. Collun uses a few of these.
Native American Lore Index

Culture of Japan during the Feudal era. Yo.


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