Posted by: innerfire | July 24, 2006

Farmers and the Language Barrier

So, I highly dislike gold farmers. I understand the reasons it is done, but I don’t agree with the practice. Oddly enough, I’m a bit more lenient on power leveling, but I feel it ends up allowing people to just pay to “win” the game. Then again, anyone who’s leveled 2+ 60’s on Warcraft knows the pain of doing it in the first place.

Sometimes, there’s not much you can do. You can report them, but they’ll spam your ass until they get what they want. Or, sometimes you’ll end up on another server testing something out, or someone recently immigrated, etc, and language barriers get in the way of proper grouping. Today’s feature are some pages that offer phrases for folks dealing with language barriers in games. The most famous, of course, is from Shigemo, the FFXI Japanese phrase set.

Do you want to level together? – Isshoni level agemasuka?
Can I join? – PT ni haittemo ii? / Sankashiteiidesuka?
And so forth. Trying not to be terrible and just steal all their things, but that’s an example of what they translate.

The next is from KarasHur, a Lineage 2 / Warcraft site that deals with Chinese (with some interesting phrases for farmers).

Qing bu yao fan wo – please don’t bother me

More to come, but now! My DDO group needs me.


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