Posted by: innerfire | July 19, 2006

The Flaws of DDO

So, I always go on and on about what’s great about DDO. Like the amazing customer support, where you get a DM response within 10 minutes. (Even that long is unusual, at a peak play time on a weekend) The innovative dungeons that pull you in and make you feel a part of the game, rather than some player moving a sprite around to collect gear. The DM voice, who’s amazingly descriptive with so many inflections, just like your DM on tabletop, doing imitations of goblin voices and so forth.

But there’s also some problems, most pointedly with the grouping system.

As of that screenshot, I’d been waiting half an hour to find a group. Without a group, you can’t do very much in DDO. Many places require a rogue to disable traps, a cleric to heal your ass, and other folks to actually dish out the damage. As a paladin, while I can deal some very good damage, I prefer to focus on tanking and defensive actions. I train people to stand behind me, using me for cover in doorways, etc. I get between enemies and my allies, forcing the enemy to take me on, rather than a squishy.

I spent three hours yesterday trying to find a group for Risi. Not fun.

So, grouping options are very limited, and the game can seem like a waste of time if you haven’t got something to do. but otherwise, that’s the only real problem I have with it. It has idiots just like any other game, and it has some really amazing people who make up for it. Like my guild. <3 you Crimson Nexus.


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