Posted by: innerfire | July 14, 2006

Brief Overview of DDO

A new design, because this is something of a new blog. I’m shifting from writing on Warcraft, and the priest’s perspective there, to what it’s like being a “tank” in DDO, as well as my observations of the clerics there. Once a priest, always a priest, and I find myself making friends with, largely, other clerics and paladins.

Paladins are far different in DDO, something I’m greatly enjoying. Their healing powers are limited, but I’d contend that with their immunities and auras, they make the best tanks. Warriors can dish out damage, but paladins? You know how cool it is to trip a giant? Freakin’ yeah.

You can go try out Dungeons and Dragons Online free, for seven days, here. Then you can buy the game after your trial for $50 (where they just give you a key, and nothing else) or you can pay $21 by buying it here. About $32 with shipping. Got mine from them, pretty good service.

So, thoughts on the game. I really enjoy it a lot, but you HAVE to have a steady group to go anywhere with. Many do this through guilds, and I found the Crimson Nexus fairly early into play. They’re incredibly active, and I have two characters with them, Risi (paladin) and Elenmiire (wizard-necromancer). But, I think later characters will be with different guilds, just so I can get a feel for the game. But, because of the party-oriented gameplay (very few dungeons are able to be soloed, despite the recent additions) it gives me a lot of time for RP and real life. I don’t feel the pressing need to play, because so and so needs my help, or I need to level a character. It’s very laid back, and has allowed me to catch up on projects that’ve been needing some love, like cleaning my room from the post-finals disaster zone it became.

The graphics are rather beautiful, and I’m always shocked when people say it’s ugly. I suppose that’s because they’ve only seen the Harbor (the starting zone) rather than the Marketplace. Even with my old, crappy graphics card, I was stunned by the detail and vast size of that area. Now that I have a new one, I get to really take in the floating towers and glowing archways. And besides the rather epic feel (you really feel like you’re in a huge, D&D city, to the point where I’m always getting lost and finding new alleyways to get around) there’s small things as well that really make it special. There’s this rock with some bushes and trees, with beautiful butterflies floating around.


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