Posted by: innerfire | June 20, 2006

A Shadow Priest in Molten Core

I try and look through my “blog stats” periodically, to see what folks are coming here looking for. One thing really hit me, someone searching for “shadow priest” “molten core”. And I realized that, while I am (well, was) a shadow priest going through Molten Core, I never really wrote about what it was like, or what you’re having to do to pull it off.

When I did Molten Core, I was primarily a healer. Now, a shadow priest healing isn’t exactly the best plan ever, but when you’re desperate, even that person with their 5500 mana pool is looking pretty good. You have to learn to heal VERY conservatively, and let people know “I am a shadow priest, healing isn’t what I’m best at”. We just don’t do overhealing. And, honestly, I think being a shadow healer (my coined term for it, will explain later if I remember) is how priests should learn to heal, initally. It forced me to deal with a much smaller mana pool and larger cast times/costs, so I didn’t (and still don’t) overheal. Now that I’m a discipline priest, I rarely run out of mana, because I’m so incredibly conservative with my mana. It might give your tanks a few heart attacks, but you’ll keep them and most of the raid alive.

I want to open with a link to the Priest Discussion Boards, to a sticky called Raiding with a Shadow Priest. Read the stickys people, they’re godly. I won’t go into detail on this, but the “three modes” are incredibly well-put. I was either Full Heal or Balance, until the very end of the Hobgoblins raids, when they allowed me to be Full Shadow. I never spammed rank 1 Shadow Word Pain either while healing, at least on bosses. *shrug* That post puts quite well everything you really need to know about being a Shadow Priest in MC, but feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

“Shadow Healer” is my coined term for a shadow priest who specializes in healing through Vampiric Embrace plus “balance mode”. The key is having VE plus Shadow Word Pain on as many targets as you can, then Mind Flaying/Renewing periodically to keep everyone up. Pretty good for 5-man groups, but pretty intense aggro is built (damage + healing = high aggro!) and the mana cost can be intensive. I don’t suggest it for folks who weren’t weird like me, and put points into improved renew, etc, in addition to their heavy shadow talents.

Shadow Weaving is necessary to MC with a shadow priest. Seriously, you better have it. Then throw up VE and start DPSing. Shadow Priests work best in all Warlock or all Rogue groups. You also better have all the aggro-reduction talents or you’ll be kissing the dirt pretty often. Fade is your best friend. Make friends with all the mages, priests, and warlocks, so that when you’re rolling on their precious DPS gear, they don’t have any hard feelings.



  1. The problem I have with my shadow priest (not raiding I’m 48 right now) is people keep healing my targets. I usually start a greater heal when they are at 60% life, so at 30% or so it goes off. But a split second before my heal goes off, someone else’s heal does, and thus my mana is wasted. It really annoys me, and I tell them “stop healing” they start attacking me, saying I don’t know what I’m doing, etc.


    I try to explain it’s not a priest’s job to keep people at full health. But some healers think it is their job. I don’t understand that. I understand a warrior or mage complaining if they’re not at 90%, but another healer insisting on keeping people that high? Then they run out of mana just as they aggro something.

    It’s to the point where i don’t like running with other healing classes. It’s not always, and not usually with people I know. It’s not like we’re fighting super critting bosses. My “regulars” all think I am a good healer so.. i figure they are right :)

    I’ve rarely had anyone die. My only problems are when there is no tank (I went through Mara without a tank 2 weeks ago, what a hellish run that was). Sometimes I stop pugging but then I worry about not getting enough instance healing experience.

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty irritating. We’ve got such a limited mana pool, but we’re often better healers than regular “spoiled” (as I like to say) healers, because we have even more constrictions. Try just letting them know you’re experienced? Or, if they want to heal, tell them to do it full time and let you DPS, otherwise stop.

    Shaman tanks are freaking funny.

  3. I like this layout, nice nice :)

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