Posted by: innerfire | June 7, 2006

Why Gear Doesn’t Matter

We’ve all got friends, folks we started the game with, leveled with, and maybe even were in a guild with. And then they leave with relatively little notice, stop hanging around you, and join some other guild. After a while, they only log on for days when their new guild/raiding alliance is going to MC, BWL, etc. Maybe it isn’t even a friend who did it; maybe it’s you who left your close friends to begin raiding. I’m not blaming you; for many folks, there’s this need to feel like you’re accomplishing something more, that you’re “winning” the game. If you aren’t accomplishing something more, getting the gear you “need”, you feel like there’s no point in playing.

There is no point in playing. Rather, there is no point in playing for gear. You won’t “win” the game, because this isn’t a competion (except in a few rare PvP cases), it’s an MMORPG. That means this game is a chat room where you also kill monsters and make money for your virtual people. It’s The Sims, only fantasy based. It’s a MUD with really cool graphics.

Now, I’m going to explain why gear doesn’t matter.

  1. Gear doesn’t make you good, it just makes you hard to kill.
    1. Sure, you’ve got all your epics. But again; we’ve almost all been in a Battlegrounds against “that” raiding guild, that farms Blackwing Lair and all their members have epics out their ears. But “that” raiding guild also sucks on the field; PvP isn’t PvE, and many of them don’t know how to use their brilliant boss plans when facing other players. Or, how about the folks who buy gold and get all the BoE epics they can buy? Then, when you take them into an instance, they don’t know what the hell they’re doing? Epics just make it so you’re hard to kill and hit harder, but it doesn’t make up for bad tactics, bad planning, and bad teamwork. Epics don’t make you a good person.
  2. People are more important than loot.
    1. Seriously. Which is more important to you? Your best friend or pixels on a screen? I’m always really amazed at folks who’re willing to go through drama, betray their friends, and throw away the relationships they made with people just for some lines of code. You come to an MMO to be with people, not to solo through everything and be the “best”.
  3. Gear is just a bunch of pixels and code.
    • Seriously. Look at it logically: what are you willing to fight for? What are you willing to die for? Are you really willing to throw away your real life, your job, your relationships with the people who love you, just for a bunch of code on a game run by people who don’t give a damn about us? Sheesh. Stop quitting your jobs just to get High Warlord.
  4. There will always be more!
    • No matter what you have, the developers will always come out with something better. We’ve gone from Tier 1, to Tier 2, to Tier 3 now with the opening of Naxxramas. You will be working forever to “be the best” because the standard of “best” will continually rise. Also, why stress out over individual items? They’ll ALWAYS drop again. Maybe it’ll take a while longer, but there’s no reason to bitch out your friends and stress yourself out just because of some pixels that, by definition of the loot tables, will drop again. It isn’t like only one of anything exists in the entire game.

Gear really doesn’t matter. What matters is the people you play with, the REAL PEOPLE who have real feelings and thoughts, who you’re supposed to be working with to have fun. It’s a game, people… chill out and actually enjoy yourself. You might enjoy the game a lot more.



  1. Couldn’t agree more. I am a relatively noobish player: I haven’t run MC I haven’t even been to ULD yet. My char is level 48 and I joined my first guild at level 10 when there were 60 members total. Now our guild is up to 325 and growing more and more everyday, which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion because I have formed some decent relationships with many and great friendships with a few. I could never imagine betraying those who I have quested and died with for so long, over some stupid dagger that I would love to have but isn’t necessary short term speaking.

    Our guild recently merged with another guild that lost their GM for economic reasons; viz he lost his job from playing too much wow. Many of the new members were welcomed as fellow guildies, but a few turned out to be nothing more than loot whores. They waited for our guild to run instances and then complained to no end that they weren’t getting the gear that they felt they deserved. I watch our guild chat closely and I know that the guild I am in hands out gear to those who need it most; not those who need the last piece to complete their epic set, so I know that the new members were being treated the same way original members were being treated.
    Now many of the members who merged with our guild have cussed out our officers and left the guild for good, and I must say I couldn’t be happier. Even though I am not ready for MC or any of the high level dungeons, I know that once I am, it will be much better for everyone involved now that these greedy emotional basket cases are no longer in the guild.
    Getting fired up about a purple pixel is the most illogical thing that I have seen since I began playing WOW, and I could never imagine chewing out a friend over a color.

  2. I found out a friend wants to quit the game because he missed out on a loot drop that he’s been waiting on for 5 months.

    Sad thing is I’ve been where he is, wanting loot so bad it ruined my fun. Starting a raid happy, ending it irritated.

    I tried to tell him how I felt because I didn’t want him to go through what I did. I wanted him to come to the realization that loot doesn’t matter that much, loot doesn’t matter at all!

    But I think I came off as someone who used to drink and now I’m sober trying to tell someone else not to drink.

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