Posted by: innerfire | March 22, 2006

Warcraft Articles and Resources

You see, gentle readers, I’m an addict. I may be taking a break from Warcraft during my Spring Break, but… damnit, I need something to do. So I’ve been reading articles (both related and unrelated to Warcraft) and I’m bringing you some of the more interesting fruits of labor.

The Saddest Kodo

The sad kodo compels you.

How A Gold Farm Works (relative to Everquest, but some good insights)
Yi-Shan-Guan (On Gold Farming and “Chinese Farmers”)
Azzor (Awesome articles and strategy; this’ll be going on my permanent links area)
PvPRP (Resource site for RP-PvPers, really nice site design, still looking at content)
The Murloc RPG (This is addictive… I’m really looking forward to expansions..)
LifeHacker (Not really Warcraft or even gaming, specifically, but has tons of great articles, news, and interesting tips for optimizing your work [or play!])
Tricks of the Trade (Another off-topic one, but has some very useful real life advice… ever need to deal with a beesting?)
Confessions of a Virtual Intelligence Analyst (Another interesting article… we’re being studied, my fellow gamers.)
Hunt and Peck Typist? (Use this to practice your typing, to increase your speed and accuracy. Your friends and colleagues will thank you, because they can finally understand your leet typing!)
More Than a Pretty Face (Who are the “gender benders” of online games? This article asks them.)

More as I continue reading through the day.



  1. Excellent resources. Some are blocked here. I’ll have to check the others out at home. Hopefully my girlfriend goes home early tonight :) I love her, but I need some game time.

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