Posted by: innerfire | February 24, 2006

Mods for you, Mods for me

Aspected: Aspected takes your Aspect of the Cheetah, etc, and puts them all down in a nice bar like the Shapeshift bar. If you’re like me, and tired of having a billion bars for all the buttons you need? Get this.
Auto Inner Fire: Because priests tend to get smeared on the walls without a bit of spiritual protection. This casts Inner Fire on movement, with customization to determine if it should be used in combat, or at certain mana levels.

Auto Repair: Because there is nothing worse than going into a huge instance and realizing “Oh fudge. I forgot to fix that giant hole in my devout robes.” Sets up a prompt when you’re at a vendor that can repair you, with the amount needed to repair and a “Yes/No” option. You may also set it to go without the prompt and simply do the repairs automatically. I like to know how much I forked over for that jaunt into the molten core.

Beastmaster: Another hunter mod, this handy little mod organizes the beast training menu in a logical way, making training your owl, cat, dog, whatever a simple task.

Bookworm: This handy little bugger remembers every book I read, and recites them back when I ask. A little buggy (pun intended) but seeing as I haven’t gotten the new upgrade, I can’t really talk. When you have seven libraries and thousands of books, having a little fellow to find that book on the mating habits of Frostmane trolls for you is very useful.

Cast Time: I like knowing how far back being punched in the gut is going to set me, when I need to throw a heal on poor Hrook, who seems to take it upon himself to solo the entire zone quite often.

CT Mail Mod: Being Lorekeeper means I get a lot of mail. So I keep this little one along in order to open it all at once, or forward it to my many admirers. (*is struck by lighning*)

CT Player Notes: …I really can’t remember all you people. This let’s me make a note when I decide to make friends or ignore some absolute fool. Very handy for remembering that Dok just spammed thirteen invites about “ubrs omfg lolol ur hel y/n?” to me.

CT Raid and Boss Mods: Get this, and keep it updated. Under each of the sections you can choose different options. I prefer using the CT Raid version of the groups, because it shows me what they’re getting hit with, and when I need to give them an extra boost. (Shows debuffs and buffs, as well as HP/Mana/Rage/Energy values, and also shows when someone is Offline, AFK, Dead, able to “pop”, and for how long on each status.)

You might also want to enable (under Additional Options I believe) the cut-off for casting, and set it to a value around 75-80%. That is, if you’re casting something and someone (*eyes Hrook*) heals them before you, it’ll cancel the cast and save you time and mana. I also encourage healthy use of the Emergency Monitor, which brings up the five folks taking the worst beating, in order of severity, making finding them amongst 40 others getting the crap beaten out of them less of an ordeal.

Equip Compare: Tired of having to look yourself over and determine if those boots there are better than the ones you’re wearing? This handy mod remembers what you’re using, and brings it up alongside the information of the item you’re looking at, for easy comparison.

Fizzwidget Suite: I use many things by that crafty little goblin, Gamik Fizzwidget. Absolute genius. His Ad Space keeps me from buying items that I can get cheaper at a vendor, Auto Craft allows me to make bandages, bolts of runecloth, and a fine wedding dress without carefully managing everything in my queue to do. Disenchant Predictor lets me know (without the size of Enchantrix) what the things I’m breaking will likely turn into. Enchant Seller turns around and lets me know, based on how much the materials cost and recent enchanting I’ve done, how much each enchantment costs. Linkerator allows me to link items I don’t have on me, simply by naming the item like so: [Crystal Vial].

Reagent Cost does what Enchant Seller does, except for all other crafting professions, and without taking into account past trades. Shopping List puts all the items I regularly buy (I go through 10-15 major mana potions a week, felcloth, runecloth, enchanting supplies, etc) into a handy list, and when I scan the Auction House (using Auctioneer) it lets me know what the best deal currently available is.

ICU Updated: This is a great Hunter mod for PvP, identifying each of those blips on your radar, plus other options I haven’t entirely explored. *grin*

Mob Info 2: This handy piece allows me to get a rough idea of how much HP the thing I’m fighting has, based on how much damage I’ve done, and how far the bar moved down when I damaged it. It also records what I’ve gotten from all those Defias folks, how often, and how much experience I’ve gained from the buggers.

Necrosis: This is a warlock mod, which places shards in the correct bags, makes summoning into a two button affair for all the demons at hand, and makes heathstone and soulstone making easy as pie, plus it looks WONDERFUL! Get the French version available through a link on the official forums, you’ll be happy you did. It translates, of course.

Sanity: If I don’t remember who you are, what makes you think I remember what’s in my bank? This allows me to figure out what my secretary, Juuziki, is holding onto for me, as well as what is in his bags and my bank (bloody troll steals the paper clips constantly) and makes it into an organized list for me. I can even search for an item!

Scrolling Combat Text: Trying to watch combat and chat at the same time is just insane, so I use SCT to view what’s important, as it turns each important event into a scrolling text (color coordinated!) above my head for notifications.

Tracker Assist: This mod (another hunter mod yeh!) turns that little “tracking” button into a whole array of options, allowing you to choose what you’d like to track, instead of wasting valuable button space on tracking. Anything that helps clean the interface works for me.

More great mods I’ll detail later (this is to remind me of them): SpamIAm, MoveAnything, Flexbar, Discord, Atlas, FlagRSP, Tell Tracker.

Disliked Mods: Damage Meters. I see groups relying on this to tell them how “good” a DPS or healing class is. The problem is, you can “fake” heal… just cast a heal when someone is at full health, and the mod still counts it. It also doesn’t account for shielding, and takes in “exploding” other players… the whole idea of comparing someone based on numbers isn’t a great idea. XD Leads to dirty tricks, without looking at the skill of the players. I’m a heavy shield user. ^_^


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